Blouse planting -2

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Blouse planting -2

Personality, giving them a separate appearance, increasing the confidence of people Winning clothing increases its importance every day. Those who want to get the profession of tailoring, Those who want to study for personal sewing, one of the simplest steps of tailoring He should learn the planting of blouse. With this course, it is aimed to bring you the adequacy of planting blouse. The blouse model we want to define outlines such as collar, arm, cuff, closing. Evaluate. These features stand out at first glance. So these features are correct and clear Planting will increase the quality and aesthetics of the model. In this course, blouse cut, pre -planting preparation processes, blouse planting, blouse end You will find information and skills about ironing and final control procedures
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perihan blouse planting

I want to sew with you too

09-10-2011 15:45

    rasha blouse planting

    I want to sew. thanks.

    14-10-2011 22:06