Men's shirt planting 1

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Men's shirt planting 1

Clothing is a requirement of being human and existence in society. Your technology is very fast The development has increased the speed of change in clothing. The production of garments made in the form of tailoring until the end of the 1960s, 1960 It took a different form and workshops were formed. 1973- 1989, Turkish Textile and There have been years of expansion and expansion of the ready -to -wear sector. The textile sector again is structured. Clothing has ceased to be needed and has become a pleasure. Manufacturer It has led to an increase in businesses. The Turkish ready -made clothing sector has an important place in trade today. Protecting this It will increase the qualified workforce and make conscious production. Educating qualified personnel It is the purpose of vocational education. For this purpose, Derser Training Programs started. With this course, the male shirt will learn the basic procedures, information and skills on the subject You will have the owner.
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yani shirt

I finished my modelst course and I want to see different models

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