Men's jacket planting 2

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Men's jacket planting 2

Jacket has an important place in men's clothing. With technological developments Today, jacket production is provided by apparel. However, model, fabric quality and The body feature takes the forefront of ordering clothing. In this course, a kind of men's clothing, “ Men's jacket planting ” Information about will be given. Model analysis for planting men's jackets in the course, preparing the fabric for mowing, Jacket cutting, rehearsal and tendering operations are explained. The information given in this course has been prepared in cooperation with the sector. This is what you will get In the field of tailoring profession by improving the skill of production and male jackets. You can work, open yourself to the business, you can take jacket planting orders to the family budget You can contribute.
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I want to learn tailoring

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    musa ugur Jacket cutting and planting

    how to cut the jacket and sew thin details

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