Planting Wedding Dress with Drapage Technique 2

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Planting Wedding Dress with Drapage Technique 2

Marriage is a phenomenon that is important and valued in every society. Every young girl is the day she got married Unique and unique, just wants to wear a wedding dress that fits him. All these expectations You can meet with the wedding dress you will prepare with Drapage technique. With this technique, only to that bride You will be able to select the appropriate model and sew a wedding dress. Decorating the wedding dress according to the patterns you designed is a completely unique You will be able to work. “ wedding dress with drapage I ” Preparing a wedding dress pattern with drarap technique in the course And you learned the cutting operations. In this course, the wedding dressing and planting procedures you will learn. When you complete the course, you will be a qualified and sought -after element for fashion houses. You will also have the opportunity to open your own fashion house in the future by increasing your experience.
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