How to draw simple ceramic motifs

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How to draw simple ceramic motifs

Tile is an important branch of art that provides Turkish culture. “ Turkish decoration art ” Tile motifs, which constitute an important part of it, have survived to the present day. Drawing simple motifs has been included as the main subject in Turkish tile art. Tile motifs; In our daily life, container, ornaments, trinkets, space decoration and decoration In addition to its material, it is still taking its place today with its ease of use. Simple Motif Drawings with the lesson in tile art acquisition of basic skills aimed. When you complete this course, you are the desired motifs. You will be able to draw depending on the technique. However, it is necessary to do these operations You will get basic information. These information and skills, your motifs in your tile art, You use the problems and skills you gained from this course. It will help you remove it. When you gain the targeted competencies in this course, in the ceramic and glass field You will grow as qualified elements and contribute to the development of the country.
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tuba Tile painting meaning

The reason is sold abroad in a special design describing the meanings and emotions of colors while painting tiles. They attach importance to money in Turkey and give importance to labor and art abroad.

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