Hand Chinese needle weaving

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Hand Chinese needle weaving

The Chinese needle technique has an important place in processing techniques. From the name As can be understood, the Chinese needle was first applied by the Chinese. and the 19th century It is seen among Turkish embroidery. Image as if he made painting with colorful yarns gives. With the harmony, order and artistic appearance of colors, Chinese needle technique has reached. With this technique, with the fusion of colors with each other, our daily life and nature Aesthetic products that look pleasing to the eye by bringing together various colors can be created. Using the Chinese needle technique, various events from nature and daily life We can apply it on floors. This course, which is prepared for a professional course, is provided with a suitable working environment, China Needle Determining the need for models and materials in technique, preparing the fabric for processing, Chinese needle Application of Technique, Auxiliary Needle Techniques Application, Ironing, Quality Control Information and It includes skills. This course will give you the ability to make the Chinese needle technique by hand.
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memnune bodur Chinese needle construction

Hand Chinese needle construction

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