How to draw machine assembly pictures 2

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How to draw machine assembly pictures 2

The introduction of all kinds of products that are technically manufactured, to be cooked with pictures must. Thus, more detailed information about the product. Especially the machine Mounting and exploded pictures with pictures of the parts of the pieces for the manufacturer and customer It is important. Production pictures and assembly pictures until fifteen years ago and technical It was drawn on the painting tables. However, today, to draw the place to computers has left. Our drawings are much faster, accurate and flexible in the computer environment. We can draw. It also has the opportunity to keep our drawings very easily. We are in a situation. You and the generation after you will always be lucky. Because always drink with technology You will be in. A piece of machine that we drew by dealing for hours until yesterday We can now fit the picture into minutes thanks to computer -aided drawing programs. Sensitivity, economy, reliability and time care are very high. Standard and non -standard of the assembly picture you have drawn in this course that the elements can be determined from the TS-ISO charts and to write in the alert We will teach. With this course you will be able to fill the antedi of the assembly pictures you have drawn. You will be able to do this much easier and faster in computer -aided drawing.
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mustafa kartal Machine Mounting Pictures

In the first stage, how to draw machine installation picture and how to apply on the computer after drawing

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