Boat Air Conditioner and Heating System

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Boat Air Conditioner and Heating System

Air conditioning and ventilation installation has an important place on ships. Air Conditioning and Ventilation Installation According to Ship Size and the place to be heated It is made in shapes. To learn the air conditioning and ventilation installation Pre -manufacturing and auxiliary equipment of the system must be known. Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning and You will learn the assembly and painting lessons of the ventilation installation. Also installation and Air Conditioning Technology Area from copper pipe installation and assembly courses You can benefit. At the end of this course, when the necessary hardware is provided, the ship's air conditioning and You will be able to make the ventilation installation.
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Do not give the world to the yacht air conditioner, I will share my design in the gold value of the 9000 BTU SPLIT KLIMA CENTER CENTER CENTER IMMEDIATHING MARINE AIR CLATTING DESIGN DESIGN TECHNICAL INTRODUCTION COLLECTION TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND PREPRIZED INFORMATION APPLICATION AND PIYASA IF YOU HAVE BEEN HEALTH I am doing an air conditioner with Rooftop Package Channel or Chiller Compact and Ekeonomık Solum 7000 BTU 3odaya.

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    Live the comfort of comfort with iceairklima live with the economic quality solutions to our inavutation studies we give weight to our machine office to work in the machine room with 1 9000 BTU Outdoor Unit of your boat heating and cooling everyone we do we solve web iceaIRKLIMA.COM 50755519601 Osman Göknar

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